Airport Supervision Manager

On behalf of CAH we are looking for an Airport Supervision Manager.

Curaçao Airport Holding

The government-owned company Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. (CAH) is owner of the Curaçao airport properties and surrounding sites. CAH oversees the airport operations and maintenance by CAP from a landlord’s perspective with the primary responsibility to ensure continuity of operations at the agreed-upon standards and to report on CAP’s performance. Furthermore, CAH contributes in various other ways to the development of the Curaçao airport, the surrounding sites and the Curaçao aviation sector in general.


As Airport Supervision Manager you are responsible for a small team of professionals. The team monitors airport operations and maintenance by CAP, with the objective to retain and/or upgrade the service provided to passengers, tenants, airlines and other users of the airport facilities. You report to the Managing Director of CAH, and as a member of the Management Team you closely cooperate with the other Management Team members.

Qualifications and experience

  • A Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Management, or similar.
  • At least 5 years of airport/aviation related experience.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, and commercial skills. 
  • Familiar with relevant local and international legislation regarding airports and aviation such as ICAO and IATA standards.
  • Excellent social, communication, presentation, and leadership skills.
  • Understanding of the local social and administrative environment.
  • Excellent project management, planning and time management skills.
  • Knowledge of and experience with airports, aviation, and oversight.
  • Extensive knowledge of computer applications relevant to the position, including advanced Excel skills.
  • Excellent negotiation and advisory skills.
  • Good verbal and written language skills in English and Dutch. Papiamentu is a plus.

Key responsibilities

The Airport Supervision Manager:

  • Ensures the development and implementation of systems, methods, and techniques for performance management for supervision of operations and maintenance at the airport.
  • Is responsible for the correct and timely execution of all supervisory tasks within the Airport Supervision department.
  • Ensures the (conducting of) investigations, assessments, audits, analyses, and inspections related to relevant KPIs.
  • Is responsible for the quality of internal and external services of the Airport Supervision department.
  • Contributes from the perspective of Airport Supervision to strategic plans, project proposals, and strategies of CAH.
  • Identifies developments in the local and international market and translates them into policy proposals and/or business cases in the field of Airport Supervision.
  • Is responsible for the establishment of an Airport Supervision Policy and creates the conditions for successful policy implementation.
  • Is, in close consultation with the Managing Director, responsible for the implementation of the Airport Supervision Policy.
  • Ensures the (conducting of) analysis and comparison of data, reports, plans, and systems, including Schedule Performance Standards and Penalty/Bonus Criteria.
  • Monitors airport facilities and infrastructure as well as the performance of the airport operator. Identifies opportunities for improvement and advises the Managing Director accordingly.
  • Contributes to the drafting of agreements, regulations, plans, checklists, and contracts related to the airport and plays a role in monitoring compliance with agreements.
  • Holds regular meetings with representatives of strategic partners and concessionaires, aviation companies, and other stakeholders. Presents findings and facilitates discussions, agreements, and monitors follow-up actions.
  • Identifies airport-related complaints and issues and provides follow-up.
  • Contributes from CAH along with the airport operator and other stakeholders in the tourism sector to tourism projects as well as projects to promote airlift.
  • Coordinates the execution of airport-related Research & Development projects.
  • Maintains a local and international network with (potential) stakeholders in relation to Airport Supervision.
  • Participates in internal and external project groups and working groups and, if necessary, acts as project leader. Manages the project management of internal and external projects.
  • Ensures that all files related to Airport Supervision are always up-to-date.
  • Has contact with, among others, the airport operator, concessionaires, and relevant government agencies in the context of (planned) projects.
  • Monitors airport-related planning documents and budgets. Identifies and reports deviations and initiates interventions if necessary.
  • Provides information about the airport, in consultation with the Managing Director, to various departments within CAH as well as to external stakeholders, including government agencies.
  • Represents CAH in meetings with relevant stakeholders in the field of airports and aviation. Monitors implementation of agreements, in consultation with the Managing Director.
  • Manages risk for both regular activities and projects, and reports on these matters to the Managing Director.
  • Advises the Managing Director on Airport Supervision matters.
  • Contributes to a professional and pleasant working atmosphere within the organization and good interpersonal communication and collaboration.


You can submit your application letter and CV via the application form below. An assessment and reference check are part of the selection process.


  • A Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Management, or similar.

  • Familiar with relevant local and international legislation regarding airports and aviation such as ICAO and IATA standards
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, and commercial, social, communication, presentation, and leadership skills.
  • At least 5 years of airport/aviation related experience.
  • Good verbal and written language skills in English and Dutch. Papiamentu is a plus.

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